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Depression Comes in Different Forms

Those who have never experienced depression before may be surprised to learn that it comes in different forms. Depression is not merely “feeling blue,” and not all cases of depression are created equal. Actually, mental health caregivers recognize several different forms of depression, all with unique diagnostic criteria.

Here are a few of the most common ones:

Major depression. Roughly seven percent of American adults struggle with this form of depression, which can be marked by extreme sadness, hopelessness, irritability and even thoughts of death or suicide. It can be managed with medication and/or therapy, but without the proper treatment it can be debilitating.

Dysthymia. This is a milder form of depression, characterized by a low mood that hangs around for a long time—sometimes a year or more. About two percent of American adults have this kind of depression.

Seasonal affective disorder. If you have ever known someone who starts to feel extremely melancholy and weary when the weather turns cold, it may be that they have this condition, a kind of depression that is exacerbated by dark and cold weather.

Psychotic depression. This is a kind of depression so extreme that it can even lead to a disconnect with reality—to psychosis. Clinical intervention is imperative to manage the symptoms of psychotic depression.

Bipolar disorder. Those who struggle with bipolar disorder may experience mood swings from extreme mania/euphoria to extreme depressive states.

Know the different forms of depression—and be on the alert for these symptoms, in your own life or in the life of a family member. For more information about integrated dual diagnosis treatment, contact the WestBridge team today.

To receive treatment for depression, reach out to WestBridge today.

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