Family Participation Is At The Heart Of Our Treatment

Family Participation Is At The Heart Of Our Treatment

Men's Evidence-Based Mental Health
and Substance Use Treatment

Having a loved one with dual disorders can be overwhelming. Because of the nature of dual brain diseases, family members often find themselves in a position of providing crisis intervention and ongoing daily activity support to their loved one. The symptoms and behaviors the loved one experiences have an ongoing impact, often leaving family members feeling afraid, frustrated and isolated as they attempt to cope.

WestBridge believes that the greatest success for healing is fostered when family members are included and incorporated throughout the treatment process.

Empowering Families with Knowledge and Support

A fundamental part of family involvement at WestBridge includes weekly participation in an evidence-based psychoeducational program called Family Education and Support (FES).

FES provides education and skComprehensive Family Supportill building that empowers participants and their families to learn about and cope with co-occurring disorders in an optimal manner. Families receive a comprehensive FES workbook upon admission to guide them through the process. Families of WestBridge participants can expect:

  • A collaborative relationship between the treatment team and family
  • Psycho education about co-occurring illnesses
  • Social support and empathy
  • Interventions targeted to reduce stress and tension in the family
  • Interventions targeted to improve functioning in all family members

One of the greatest benefits that families experience during the FES program is an increase in healthy family connection. This allows them to feel a sense of hope, provide each other with encouragement and refocus on the future.

Family Recovery Resources

With the family’s journey in mind, our Family Recovery Resources (FRR) at WestBridge are designed to support families in their own healing and recovery process.

FRR activities offer diverse options for families in all of the Stages of Change and is organized into four categories: Education, Recovery Support, Advocacy and Resource Development.  Families are encouraged to engage in FRR activities that interest them. Resources available to each WestBridge family member includes (and is not limited to):

  • A family handbook
  • One-on-one family peer support with another WestBridge family member
  • A secure, online website portal to access a variety of information,
  • Monthly educational webinars (recorded and available on the portal)
  • Family support groups via a secured video platform
  • Support in connecting to local community supports such as NAMI and Al-Anon.

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At WestBridge we work with men and their families from across the US and in some cases, the world.
Once we have completed our screening process and determined that our services may be well-suited to meet your family’s needs,
families may request that we bring our admissions process to you, wherever you are, as an a la carte option.