Alumni Program

Alumni Program

Evidence-Based Mental Health
and Substance Use Treatment

Supporting one another in our journey of recovery

What is the WestBridge Alumni Program?

Our Alumni Program provides ongoing peer support, provides a setting for personal growth, promotes and encourages an individual’s goals, fosters fellowship and camaraderie, provides a medium for voicing concerns in a safe environment, and aids an individual’s journey of sobriety and recovery.

Our mission is to extend support to all Participants, current and former, as well as to provide an environment where Alumni members can have fun and continue to grow with the support of our recovery community.

Why is an Alumni Program Important?

It’s well known within the recovery community that engagement with an alumni program after treatment greatly improves chances of long term recovery.

“Being part of an alumni program can teach a participant how to have fun again without it being centered on substances.”


Our WestBridge Alumni Program:

  • Supports Participants by connecting them with a social network of other Participants who have been through the WestBridge Program.
  • Promotes learning how to have fun in recovery. We offer events, games, contests, meetings and a fellowship of people discovering the joys of sobriety.
  • Offers a therapeutic environment, which includes Twelve Step meetings, peer to peer groups and one on one meetings.
  • Promotes responsible independence. Participants choose their level of engagement, but we also encourage them to get involved and directly shape the program. We empower members through a voting process at our Alumni Council meetings. This puts as much control as possible into the hands of all the Alumni members, promoting participation and ensuring everyone has a voice.

Some of our Activities

1) Alumni/Participant Dual Diagnosis Anonymous (DDA) Meetings – DDA is a type of Twelve Step self-help/mutual support meeting specifically designed for people with co-occurring disorders. Monthly meetings are open to any WestBridge Participant who wishes to attend, including those who live outside the area via an option to “video call” using their computers at home. 

2) Alumni Council Meetings – Monthly meetings for Alumni members who have graduated from the residential program and also have three months of sobriety. The purpose of these meetings is to take votes, make decisions, and offer insight and suggestions into how the Alumni program runs and can improve. The Alumni Coordinators put as much control over the shaping of the program into the hands of all the Alumni members as possible. 

3) Alumni/Participant Events – Semi-annual informal gatherings like a movie at the office, with an optional game and lunch. All WestBridge Participants and Alumni are welcome, regardless of sobriety time. Event options are voted on during our Alumni Council meetings. 

4) Alumni Events – Quarterly events for Alumni that have graduated from the residential program and also have three months of sobriety. Events include trips to the beach, museums, skiing, or any other fun event that we discuss and agree upon during our Alumni Council meetings. 

5) Alumni and Social Media – The Alumni program also offers a Facebook page to safely allow communication and networking among current and former Participants. The Alumni Facebook page is a “private” page, which means viewing and contributing updates, pictures, videos, and posts is only available and restricted to members specifically invited by the Alumni Coordinators. This includes current and former Participants and maintains their anonymity to the general Facebook public. The Alumni Coordinators will also periodically offer contests and games for Participants and former Participants to win prizes and gift cards.

 6) One on One Engagement – Our Alumni Coordinators meet one on one out in the community with current and former participants. A typical engagement includes going out for coffee or something equivalent, and is used for catching up with Alumni members on their personal lives and receiving ideas/feedback on our Alumni Program. The Alumni Coordinators rotate through a list of current and former participants, offering engagement opportunities to each Alumni member approximately once per month. 

7) Residential Peer to Peer Group – This Peer to Peer Group, called “This is How We Do It” Group, is facilitated by the Alumni Coordinators and is open and limited to all participants currently in the WestBridge residential program. The group explores social lives, interests and goals while encouraging members to share their personal experiences. The group works to identify challenges and barriers that present themselves to its members and discusses solutions to help overcome those struggles. Topics often include health, spirituality, money, daily structure, work, relationships and hobbies.

“We’ve come a long way in a short time and our program continues to grow and learn new ways to support our Alumni through their journey of recovery. We hope to fulfill our mission and be a beacon of recovery and wellness in the lives of those we serve!”

Alumni Coordinator Theo Baars Phone: (603) 634-4446 Ext. 128

WestBridge Meet & Greet WestBridge Meet & Greet

At WestBridge, we work with adult men and families from around the country and, in some cases, the world. One of the unique features of our model is our virtual Meet & Greet service which allows us to deepen our assessment and begin building trust and engaging participants  in the pre-admission process.