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Quit Smoking to Improve Mental Health

Here is a correlation that might surprise you: People with mental health disorders are more likely to smoke than those without mental health disorders. In fact, three out of every 10 cigarettes smoked in the United States are smoked by people struggling with some form of mental illness. Given the well-documented effects of cigarette smoke—including lung disease and various cardiovascular problems—it comes as no surprise that many people with mental health disorders die prematurely, the cause of death so often linked to their smoking habit.

Many individuals with mental health disorders would love to quit smoking, but doing so difficult. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Nicotine has mood-altering effects, and can be a form of self-medication.
  • Smoking cigarettes is often seen as a way to mitigate stress, something that many people with mental health disorders deal with daily.
  • Sometimes, those with mental health disorders are at low income levels and simply lack the healthcare resources needed to help them quit.
  • Should we add anything about the Social aspects?

Although quitting may be difficult, doing so offers strong benefits—including a dramatic reduction in the likelihood of death by heart attack, stroke or lung cancer. The question is, what can you do to kick your smoking habit?

One place to start is simply talking with your doctor or mental health provider. Ask about ways in which you can curb your urges for cigarettes, and to replace smoking with a healthier form of stress management. Do your research regarding what is available to you, many states offer nicotine replacement therapies that are available for little to no cost.

Note also that WestBridge works with many of our clients to help them quit smoking, and our methods have been shown to get results. If you would like to learn more we invite you to contact our team. Do it now rather than later; your very life could depend on it.

Contact us today to learn about our smoke-free treatment center.

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