Insurance & Financing

Insurance & Financing

Evidence-Based Mental Health
and Substance Use Treatment

Treatment costs depend on the level of care required and the number of days needed to complete treatment. While insurance may help offset treatment costs,  services not contracted or covered by your insurance company will be billed on a private pay basis.

See below for crucial insurance coverage information. Medicare and Medicaid do not cover any of our services.

Residential Treatment 

Most families use a combination of private pay and insurance benefits to cover the costs of residential program fees and services.

WestBridge is in-network* with the following insurances: 
Residential insurance logo

*Please note that additional insurance carriers not listed above may be accessed through our existing contracts based on partnership arrangements. Please request verification of benefits with our Billing Team to determine whether you have any in-network or out-of-network insurance benefits. Otherwise, residential treatment is private pay only. Our Optum contracts reflect their commercial products and an agreement with the Veterans Administration.    

Community Integration Program (CIP)

Services in our nonresidential Community Integration Program (CIP) are typically not reimbursable through insurance companies.

*The information regarding in-network status with the above-mentioned insurance providers is for general description purposes only and does not guarantee coverage or payment for any services. Contact your Insurance Company or review your policy manual regarding coverage terms, exclusions, deductibles, co-payments, products, services, and programs that may be available to you. Your eligibility for particular services is subject to the final determination of qualifications and acceptance by the Insurance Company and your policy.  

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

IOP services are billed private pay or through insurance benefits. WestBridge accepts assignment of benefits for in-network and out-of-network insurance benefits.

WestBridge’s IOP is in-network* with the following insurances:IOP Insurance Logos

Additional Third Party Financing  

In an effort to ease the financial burden, WestBridge has partnered with a third-party finance company to help facilitate access to affordable financing for the cost of our proven treatment.

We provide financial consultations to each family prior to admission. To learn more about
insurance and financing resources, please contact our Admissions Team at 800-889-7871.

WestBridge Meet & Greet WestBridge Meet & Greet

At WestBridge, we work with adult men and families from around the country and, in some cases, the world. One of the unique features of our model is our virtual Meet & Greet service which allows us to deepen our assessment and begin building trust and engaging participants  in the pre-admission process.