WestBridge provides effective treatment for men
with co-occurring mental illness and substance use.

WestBridge’s Admissions Team is here to answer any questions that you have. Team members are comprised of individuals with diverse clinical backgrounds and high levels of compassion. We believe ensuring individuals and their families get the right treatment, as quickly as possible, is of utmost importance. That is why here at WestBridge, you immediately get the expertise of a trained clinical professional from the moment you call in.

To ensure that WestBridge is the right place for men and their families to work on their recovery, we have developed a comprehensive admissions process that begins with a phone consultation and may include our signature Meet & Greet service.

Feel free to contact us with questions by phone or through the form below.

Online Contact Form:

We strive to reply to information inquiries in a confidential, compassionate and efficient manner and will respond to all email inquires we receive within 24 hrs. This form should not be used for emergencies. If you or a loved one are in danger, please call 911.

Do you need assistance after hours?

If you are looking for immediate information after-hours, please complete the form above or call 1.877.461.7711 and leave a message with our answering service to be connected with one of our on-call admissions team members. if you have any immediate safety concerns about yourself or a loved one, please dial 911 immediately.

Finding the Right Program for You or a Loved One

At WestBridge, we are dedicated to ensuring our program is a perfect fit for you or a male loved one. Our priority is recognizing your expectations and determining we have the ability to fulfill these expectations with confidence.

Ultimately, we have your best interest at heart and should our program not offer the treatment you require, we will happily identify and assist with connection to a more suitable provider.

Questions for Families to Ask Treatment Programs

To learn more about helpful tips for crisis emergency planning, download this guide developed by the Treatment Advocacy Center.

WestBridge Meet & Greet WestBridge Meet & Greet

At WestBridge we work with men and their families from all around the country, and in some cases, the world. Once we have completed our screening process and determined that our services may be well-suited to meet your family’s needs, we have the ability to bring our admissions process to you, wherever you are.