Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Evidence-Based Mental Health
and Substance Use Treatment

Men and Women in a Group Therapy Session

WestBridge’s IOP is an intermediate level of care for people of all genders who live in the community and can benefit from more support and structure than outpatient therapy can provide, yet do not need the intensity of a partial hospital program, residential treatment program or hospital.

WestBridge IOP services include virtual and in-person therapeutic services to individuals of all genders experiencing symptoms of thought disorders, mood disorders, and anxiety disorders with or without co-occurring substance use.

Available services include group therapy, case management, individual therapy, family support, and psychiatric consultation as appropriate.

Men needing higher levels of care can be considered for admission into other WestBridge Programs.

IOP Details

WestBridge Meet & Greet WestBridge Meet & Greet

At WestBridge, we work with adult men and families from around the country and, in some cases, the world. One of the unique features of our model is our Meet & Greet service which allows us to deepen our assessment and begin building trust and engaging participants virtually in the pre-admission process.