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Tips for Positive Self-Talk

If you cannot say something nice, do not say anything at all. Is a sentiment that holds true not just for the way you speak of others, but also the way you speak of yourself. When you constantly run yourself down, short-change your inherent worth and dignity, and belittle your accomplishments, it cannot help but have a corrosive impact on your sense of self. It can also affect your mental health, and impede your ongoing recovery.

By contrast, learning to speak positively to yourself can energize your recovery. Here are a few tips for mastering better, more positive self-talk.

Start each day on the right foot. Set the right tone. Do not get caught up in worry or thoughts of failure. Before you do anything else, repeat a few positive mantras to yourself: I’ve got this. I can do this. Today is going to be a great day.

Do not turn little things into catastrophes. Maybe you miss your bus and have to wait for the next one, or you spill coffee on yourself while heading out the door. Do not tell yourself that it is a disaster. Say: This is an inconvenience, but not a big deal. Now let’s move on.

Remind yourself that you can do anything. Remove the word try from your vocabulary. Do not get caught up on the things you will try. Remind yourself of the things you can do. Focus on success and not on potential failure.

Remove negative words from your vocabulary. Be systematic about it. Do you find yourself thinking that you are exhausted all the time? Well, stop using that word. Instead, tell yourself that you are just a bit tired—a word with a far less negative connotation.

These are all little things, perhaps, but they can add up—and in the end, they can play a big role in how you perceive yourself.

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