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Recovery is a Way of Life

The motto of WestBridge is “Recovery Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint”. Recovery is not something that happens overnight, nor is it something you can achieve and then forget about. Recovery is something you will work toward—nurture and protect—every day of your life. When you are in recovery, you are in it for the long haul, and it is important that you be proactive in maintaining your commitment to health and sobriety.

The question is, what can you do to ensure that you are fully invested in ongoing recovery and continued well-being? Consider some of the following suggestions.

Stay connected. There may be days or even seasons of life in which you do not feel like you need to be in therapy or attending your support group. This means they are working, not that you should give them up! Keep engaged with these activities until your therapist suggests that you might be able to scale back.

Sleep. A big part of maintaining your recovery is maintaining your regular, physical health. A key component is getting sufficient sleep at night. Get into the habit of a soothing bedtime routine and normal sleep hours. Protect your valuable resting time.

Eat well. Similarly, make sure you maintain good nutrition, which means regular meals that include actual nutrients. Skipped meals or constant fast food will only serve to weaken your body, your mind, and your resolve.

De-stress. Make sure you have some tools available to you for combatting stress when it arises—exercise, creative expression, etc.

Have a support structure. Friends and family members will always be integral to your recovery. Ensure that you have people around you who love and support you, and do not hesitate to lean on them when times get tough.

Maintain these habits—and maintain your recovery, even over the long haul.

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Recovery is a marathon, not a sprint.
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