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Don’t Ignore These Subtle Signs of Depression

Many of us may think we know what to expect concerning depression—feelings of sadness or persistent melancholy. Though those can certainly be key indicators of a struggle with depression, it may surprise you to learn that depression can display a wide range of symptoms. Some of these are subtle, yet they are still important to take note of. If you witness these subtle indicators of depression, whether in yourself or in a loved one, you may wish to seek further insight, possibly even clinical intervention.

Forgetfulness: When your brain is under a lot of stress—from something like depression or anxiety, in particular—it can begin to underperform in different areas. The feeling of mental fogginess may actually point to a mood disorder.

Chronic pain: Mental health disorders can have profoundly physical effects, and in some cases depression has been shown to cause headaches, back pain, or joint pains. If you are experiencing any of these chronic pains, do not rule out depression as a possible cause.

Withdrawal to the Internet: Withdrawing from social activities and relationships is a dead giveaway of a mood disorder—and in many cases; the person with depression will withdraw to the seclusion of Internet use.

Sudden shopping splurges: You have probably heard the term “retail therapy” before. In a very real way, the experience of shopping can provide a temporary high, and a brief reprieve from the lurking symptoms of depression.

Lack of personal hygiene: Finally, be aware that depression can lead to a lack of drive in all areas of life—including personal grooming. The person who “lets himself go” may actually be struggling with deep depression.

Be aware that depression presents in a number of ways—but recovery is always possible with the right treatment.

If you struggle with depression, seek treatment for it today.

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