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WestBridge was an Invaluable Resource for our Family in its Time of Crisis

“WestBridge provided a safe, comfortable, supportive environment in the early days of our son’s sobriety. He stated that he felt very comfortable while at WestBridge. I think he meant physically, because of the nice living quarters and excellent meals, but mentally he worked very hard to make changes to his life and in turn reestablished positive relationships with his family that were very strained at best.

The counselors were very perceptive and picked up on body language, facial expressions and even silences, so that an issue could be explored in more depth. They went out of their way to help our son; for example, driving him home to deal with a water-filled basement.

The family appreciated greatly the opportunity to meet (as a family) to be educated by professionals about his physical and mental challenges, discuss the pros and cons of a course of action and how best to reach a consensus for next steps.

WestBridge was an invaluable resource for our family in its time of crisis.

Thank you for all your good work to all those in your care!

~ WestBridge sibling, Manchester, NH

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At WestBridge, we work with adult men and families from around the country and, in some cases, the world. One of the unique features of our model is our virtual Meet & Greet service which allows us to deepen our assessment and begin building trust and engaging participants  in the pre-admission process.