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WestBridge Provided a Place for our Family to Recover and Grow into Possibilities that we had Desperately Prayed For.

Words can not convey the gratitude that we feel today for WestBridge. Our son showed early signs of mental instability at the age of 12. It was at that time that he was hospitalized for the first time. A definitive diagnosis could not be made at the time but his psychiatrist predicted that he would have a major psychiatric illness by the time that he reached adulthood. It was with that menacing portent that we headed into the future.

As a high-school graduate, our son was recruited by numerous universities. His college years were unsettled but he continued to do well academically and completed his bachelor’s degree with honors. He was accepted to a prestigious graduate school but by the end of his second year of school and in his early twenties, his life unraveled with a severe psychotic break which was worsened by the use of marijuana, alcohol, and numerous over-the-counter medications. Under the severe strain, our family was tested to its limit.

He was initially diagnosed as bipolar with severe anger issues and required two acute hospitalizations in an attempt to control his self-destructiveness. He was then diagnosed as schizoaffective and his mental state continued to deteriorate under the relentless use of drugs and the unwillingness to attain sobriety. It turned out that he had been using drugs and alcohol for six long years prior to his acute decline. Under these conditions, he was unable to continue his graduate studies.

In an attempt to seek help, we went in and out of psychiatric hospitals, residential facilities and dual treatment programs, unable to find the right clinical environment that could address his needs. He was finally expelled from a prestigious national program due to anger and self-control issues. It was there that we were told about WestBridge.

On the first day when our son walked into The Commons, he observed the environment and, to our amazement said: “I like this place. He sensed the care, love and commitment that the WestBridge family had toward the other residents and toward him. They were willing to listen, plan and individualize the care needed for each person. That was three months ago and we are now beginning to see a change in our son that we had all but given up hope was possible. It hasn’t always been easy or pleasant, but it has always been positive and encouraging.

We want to thank WestBridge and its staff for providing a safe and loving place for our family to recover and grow into possibilities that we had desperately prayed for. There is a national need for their services and we are pleased to have found them in the nick of time.”
~ WestBridge parent, Manchester, NH

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