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Tips for De-Stressing in the Workplace

Stress, when not managed properly, can have a ruinous impact on our mental and physical health. It is impossible to go through life without some occasionally stressful moments—in fact, it is tough to make it a single day without encountering stress—so the important thing is to learn how to address it in a healthy way.

One of the places we encounter the most stress is at work. Our jobs can cause all sorts of anxiety, yet, when you are stuck at the office, it can be hard to find ways to deal with that stress appropriately. However, it is not impossible. There are many ways to cope with the stressful situations presented throughout your workday.

Take some breaks. It sounds so obvious, yet many of us get so consumed in what we are doing that we linger at our desk all day, leaving the office only for work or the occasional cup of coffee. If you are stressed, it is healthy to just step away for a moment or so, clear your head, and gather your strength.

Put on some happy tunes! Bring headphones to work, load your computer or phone with Spotify or Pandora, and put on some music that takes you to your happy place. Never underestimate the mood-elevating effects of music.

Be mindful. Even if you cannot pull out your yoga mat for meditation, you can certainly lean back in your chair, close your eyes, take some breaths and cultivate thoughts of positivity and gratitude for a moment.

Get moving. Physical activity is great for burning stress. Even a quick walk around the building can be helpful to you.

Workplace stress takes its toll after a while, so make sure you have some strategies in place for addressing it head-on.

How do you deal with workplace stress? Tell us!

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