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26 Sober Things To Do For Fun This Weekend

Let’s face it: sometimes the weekends can be hard when you’re in recovery from addiction. Maybe it’s the idea of having too much time on your hands, or you don’t want to pass up on going out with friends, or maybe you’re just not sure what to do for fun on a Friday night that doesn’t involve partying like you have in the past.

So here are a few (actually, 26) things you can do this weekend that are fun, unique, and most importantly, won’t put your recovery at risk.  

1. Go to the movies.

Check out the latest blockbuster in your area at, or retreat to an artsy theater to catch an indy flick.

2. Play a sport.

Search online for local adult sport leagues, such as basketball or hockey. They are generally open to newbies, and a great place to make new friends.

3. Take a fun class.

Many community colleges and art schools offer evening classes such as painting, photography, or even glass-blowing. Search online for classes in your area, or sign up for a group-discount site like to be notified of offers.

4. Go ice skating. 

5. Go for a hike. 

Nature can be a mighty cure. Invite a friend for an afternoon hike in the woods.

6. Take up climbing.
Indoor climbing gyms and rock-climbing classes are popping up all over, and most offer beginner lessons.

7. Spend time with the kids.

Have kids? Nieces or nephews? Offer to take them out for a day of fun. You’ll have a great distraction, and their parents will be forever grateful for the time off.

8. Try out a new ‘recess sport’.

Sports like kickball and dodgeball are popping up throughout the country. See how good it feels to act like a kid again with a sport that is light on rules and heavy on fun.

9. Go tubing.

Cold-weather: snow tubing. Warm weather: water-tubing. Either way, it’s an exhilarating activity.

10. Learn to make something.

Try out a cooking, craft, or home improvement class offered by a local retailer. Or learn on your own by watching YouTube ‘how-to’ videos.

11. Try paintball.

12. Visit a museum.

13. Be a tourist in your own town.

Is there a new restaurant in the area, or an attraction that people flock to when they arrive? Go ahead, be a tourist for the day and learn something new about your town.

14. Go bowling.

15. Plan a trip.

Planning for a trip will get you excited for your journey. Make a list of all of the sites you want to see when you arrive.

16. Work toward a goal.

Interested in running or cycling? Track your progress toward a specific goal (10k? Triathlon?) and it will motivate you to keep moving forward.

17. Dream big.

Tour real estate in the neighborhood you’d like to move to. Try on expensive clothes or jewelry. Spend a day living the life you strive to reach, and the positive feelings will help you hit your goals.

18. Go to the theatre.

Community theatres, playhouses, and university theatres offer unique and inexpensive performances on a regular basis. Expand your mind by seeing something new.

19. Go to a concert.

20. Go snowmobiling or 4-wheeling.

21. Pick up an instrument. 

Always wanted to learn how to play guitar, but never found the time? Now is your chance.

22. Go skiing or snowboarding.

23. Go shopping.

24. Take a walk.

25. Make new friends.

Support groups and recovery meetings are great places to meet like-minded people who are also looking for fun, sober activities.

26. Start your own list of fun things that YOU like to do.

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