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NCAD Conference Sponsorship

This year’s National Conference on Addiction Disorders (NCAD) is scheduled for the month of August, in Denver, Colorado. WestBridge will be there, and in fact, we are pleased to announce our sponsorship of some key activities and discussions. Specifically, WestBridge will sponsor the Co-Occurring Disorders Track. Go ahead and mark your calendars for Friday, August 19, at the Sheraton Denver Downtown; if you are going to be in attendance at this year’s conference, we would love to meet you and say hi.

We are looking forward to a number of rewarding discussions throughout the day by a variety of experts from this industry, some which include members of our staff:

Keynote Presentation from Dr. Carlo DiClemente

Join us bright and early on Friday morning for a talk about the current state of patient-centered intervention and truly integrative care. This presentation will offer a dynamic understanding of the process of change and recovery as a way to organize and track client progress and problems, and will emphasize a few recent efforts to integrate smoking cessation into addiction treatment.

Integrative Care: Treating the Person, Not the Diagnosis

For this session, Diego Coira and Margaret Grady will talk about what integrative healthcare really means—and what makes it so important.

Integrative Care for Co-Occurring Disorders

Judy Magnon, Quality Assurance Specialist at WestBridge, will lead this workshop, providing a discussion of evidence-based, integrative care for dual diagnosis disorders.

Ethical Challenges in High Risk Clinical Situations with Clients Experiencing Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

Eileen Fiori, Chief of Clinical Services, will spearhead this workshop, discussing some of the ethical challenges inherent to dual diagnosis care.

Resilience and Recovery in Co-Occurring Disorders

Ending the day with some words of hope—in the face of the many challenges recovery presents—our own Mary Woods, CEO, and Theo Baars, Care Manager, will lead this coursework.

Again, we invite mental health professionals and addiction recovery specialists to come join us for this day of learning, open dialogue and insight.

Join us at this year’s NCAD event in Denver!

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