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Ask the Doc: Why Is Family Work Such An Integral Part Of Treatment?

Ask-the-Doc-KnowTraditional clinical training typically excludes the family from the treatment process. The thinking behind this is that the clinician and individual can more easily form a bond that is therapeutic and that the healing occurs within the context of that relationship. Unfortunately, this type of thinking creates a profound loss of opportunity to help people.

Families typically know the individual best and love the individual the most, and therefore are a source of incredible support and information. Long before and after treatment providers are involved in a person’s life, his or her family may be supporting the individual emotionally and in other ways.

Involving the family in the care process is a core value at WestBridge. It is a conscious decision to work collaboratively with a person’s natural support network. Additionally, family involvement is an evidence-based intervention that has been shown to improve several outcomes for individuals.

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