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WestBridge’s Roots: How Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs Began

Learn more about the programs at WestBridge that set us apart from other treatment services; in the words of our Co-Founder, Loralee West

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How WestBridge Works

Get an in depth look of how WestBridge views Recovery and Treatment.  See the process through the eyes of Clinical staff, Alumni services, Families and Participants

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Dr. Bob Drake, Medical Director of Dartmouth Center for Evidence-Based Practices, and Consultant to WestBridge, describes the treatment model for addiction and mental health issues.

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Assertive Community Treatment

Mary Woods, RNC, LADC, MSHS and Eileen Fiori, LICSW, LADC discuss WestBridge’s unique, customized Assertive Community Treatment program. The goal of Assertive Community Treatment is to help people stay out of the hospital and develop skills for living in the community so their lives are not driven by having a mental illness.

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WestBridge excels in the effective
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WestBridge Meet & Greet WestBridge Meet & Greet

At WestBridge we work with men and their families from all around the country, and in some cases, the world. Once we have completed our screening process and determined that our services may be well-suited to meet your family’s needs, we have the ability to bring our admissions process to you, wherever you are.