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How to Stay Focused on Your Goals in Recovery

How-to-Stay-Focused-on-Your-Goals-in-RecoveryChoosing recovery for yourself, and setting it as the foremost goal for your life, is progress in its own right, and something to be proud of. As you strive toward that goal, however, you will inevitably encounter obstacles along the way. The road to recovery is never perfectly smooth, and some days will be better than others. The question is, how do you stay focused on recovery even during hard times?

When it comes to staying laser-focused on your goals, even amidst hardships and hindrances, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Be singular in your goal-setting. Attempting to make several major life changes, all at once, can lead to burn-out and frustration. Instead, make recovery the one big thing you are focusing on.
  • Set milestones for yourself. Break down your one huge goal into several smaller ones. Instead of focusing on a whole lifetime of recovery, set your sights on having one good week, and then a month, and so on.
  • Create a plan. Know not just what your goal is, but how, specifically, you plan to achieve it. Work with your therapist or counselor to work on a plan for preventing relapse, for dialing into a supportive community, for growing in your recovery, etc.
  • Keep track of your results! Journaling is a great way to create a document of how far you have come in your recovery.
  • Keep attending your support group and all therapy sessions, even when times are tough or when you feel like it’s not working.

Staying committed to a goal takes persistence—and a plan. Hopefully, these tips will prove helpful as you formulate your own plan. To connect with recovery specialists who can support and encourage you, reach out to WestBridge today.

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