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Relieving Stress After a Long Day at Work

Stress is something that everybody faces, but it can be especially challenging to those who experience symptoms of mental health disorders. Certainly, intense stress can exacerbate an existing problem with addiction, depression, anxiety, or even OCD. As such, one of the best, most practical ways to protect your mental well-being is to develop some strategies for minimizing stress.

This is easier said than done. Even a particularly tough day at your job can cause you to feel swamped and overwhelmed. Even so, there are measures you can take to decompress and to restore your mental health in the wake of a challenging day at the office. Here are just a few examples.

  • Take a nice, warm bath—perhaps even using some scented salts or bubbles. Allow the stress of the day to literally wash If you are not into baths, a good steamy shower can also do the trick.
  • Get a massage—from a romantic partner or from a professional massage parlor. Stress can often manifest as physical pain and muscle tension, but a massage can help knead it away.
  • Laugh! The old saying about laughter being the best medicine has a grain of truth to it, as the physical act of laughter really can release tension and stress. After a hard day, put on a funny movie or sitcom.
  • Give someone a hug! Physical closeness can have a powerful stress-reducing effect. Reach out to someone for comforting touch.
  • Practice gratitude. Take some time to think about the things in your life that you are thankful for. Write them out in a journal, or say them out loud to yourself.

There are plenty of ways to deal with the stress of a hard day at work. Find your favorite method today!

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