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What Does Recovery Mean to Me?

I am surrounded by recovery. I work int he field, I have recovery in my family and I enjoy a social life full of people in recovery. Which kind of recovery, you might ask.

I am familiar with and share personal experiences about mental health and addiction recovery. I am a parent, employee and friend of many who are surrounded by and affected by mental illness and addiction. You could say that I eat, sleep, and drink (not literally) the very matter. My friends and family sometimes ask me if it is too much for me. To be honest, at times it is, but most times I am am absolutely filled with with the gratitude of seeing individuals come from very difficult places and move on  to very successful and satisfying places in their lives. It can also be a constant reminder to me to be grateful for the positive recovery stories that I share with my circle of friends and family.

Life’s challenges surround us in our everyday lives, whether it is in the media or with our fellow employees and friends. As we watch those that we care about in our personal lives experience their illness, and those I see in my everyday work, managing their recovery I am humbled by their resilience, strength and hope . Even if I were not working in the recovery field, it is a subject matter that is bound to come up in other areas of my life.

I believe that we are all touched by recovery, whether we recognize it or not, and I happen to be very proud to be associated with recovery in all these areas in my life.

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