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How Mothers of Adult Children with Co-Occurring Disorders Have Coped

By WestBridge’s former CEO, Mary Woods, RNC, and co-author Adrienne Murray

PARENTING is not an easy task. No matter the challenges that a parent or their child faces, it can be hard to know the ‘right’ thing to do. It is no wonder that oftentimes the parent of an adult child with mental illness and addiction feels alone and may not know which way to turn. Knowing how and where to find help for their son or daughter is just the beginning. After caring for their loved one, a parent must turn their attention to themselves as well.

CO-OCCURRING mental illness and addiction are brain diseases that affect many individuals. These diseases affect the family just as much as they affect the individual. As awareness is raised, individuals and families who suffer from these disorders come out of the shadows of stigma and shame.

I DIDN’T CAUSE IT, I CAN’T CHANGE IT explains the journey taken by mothers of adult children who have experienced co-occurring disorders. Fourteen mothers graciously shared their stories and as varied as their experiences were, there were many common threads. What it all comes down to is hope. These mothers found hope and want to share the hope they found with others who are on similar journeys.

Copies of I Didn’t CAUSE IT, I Can’t CHANGE IT are available on Amazon.

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