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Did You Know: F.E.S. at WestBridge

Did-You-Know-F-E-S-at-WestBridgeFor years, WestBridge has utilized an evidence-based practice known as Family Psychoeducation, which involved into “Family Education and Support” (FES). The FES approach, based on principles of cognitive behavioral therapy, combines educational content about mental illness and substance abuse with skills teaching in the areas of communication and problem solving. While this approach has been very effective at helping families improve in these areas, as well as de-mystifying the diagnoses of mental illness and addiction, it doesn’t address all issues that families experience. In order to be more effective and provide the best customer service, WestBridge began implementing Family Clinical Updates in addition to FES. The clinicians providing direct care to the individual meet with the participant and family together and review progress, refine goals, and develop treatment strategies. In this process, families are kept “in the loop” and, in conjunction with weekly FES, the treatment is truly “family-centered.”

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