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Ask the Doc: Mindfulness

Ask-the-Doc-MindfulThe Mindful Recovery process unleashes a natural blooming of internal motivation to improve personal health, maintain sobriety, and develop social responsibility. Mindful Recovery is a voluntarily-maintained process characterized by the intention to refrain from harming oneself and others, and a commitment to maintaining awareness of the current moment within an orientation of curiosity, acceptance of and openness to experience. We are all connected through the experience of human suffering and the addictive nature of the mind, no matter how far along the pathway of Mindful Recovery we have come. Addictive habit patterns of the mind continue long after sobriety is achieved, so one is never fully recovered. We never reach a moment when we can no longer continue to benefit from mindful awareness. As long as we are alive, stress, craving, and pain will continue to arise, but we can find a soothing rhythm through which we can experience these events with curiosity and acceptance. Similarly, there will always be more we can do to reduce harm to others in this world, such as helping those struggling with substance use.  Mindful Recovery is open to all, offering freedom, purpose, healing, wisdom and joy.

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