Innovative Roles - An Interview with Mary Ryan Woods, RNc, LADAC, MSHS. Her path to becoming CEO of a treatment center is exemplary

New Partnership seeks evidenced-based care for co-occuring disorders- Addiction professionals have long been told that clients with co-occuring addiction and mental health disorders constitute the expectation, not the exception.

7 Principles of Motivational Incentives - Condensed from the article “Motivational Incentives: Foundations & Principles” by Scott H. Kellog PhD, Maxine Stitzer PhD, Nancy Petry PhD and Mary Jeanne Kreek MD (Unpublished Chapter)

Buprenorphine for the Management of Opioid Dependence - by Mark D. Green, MD and John Renner, Jr., MD

Training Nurses in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Enhancing Community Care of Patients With Serious Mental Illness - by Narsimha R. Pinninti, MBBS, DPM, MD; Lois M. Hollow, ARNP, BC; Mukesh Sanghadia, MBBS, DPM, MD, MRC Psych (UK); Kelly Thompson, RN, BSN

Methadone: history, pharmacology, neurobiology, and use - by Mark Green, Scott Kellogg and Mary Jeanne Kreek

Implementing Dual Diagnosis Services for Clients With Severe Mental Illness - by Robert E. Drake, MD, PhD; Susan M. Essock, PhD; Andrew Shaner, MD; Kate B. Carey, PhD; Kenneth Minkoff, MD; Lenore Kola, PhD; David Lynde, MSW; Fred C. Osher, MD; Robin E. Clark, PhD; and Lawrence Rickards, PhD

Moving Assertive Community Treatment Into Standard Practice - by Susan D. Phillips, MSW; Barbara J. Burns, PhD; Elizabeth R. Edgar, MSSW; Kim T. Mueser, PhD; Karen W. Linkins, PhD; Robert A. Rosenheck, MD; Robert E. Drake, MD, PhD and Elizabeth C. McDonel Herr, PhD.

Evidence-Based Pharmacologic Treatment for People With Severe Mental Illness: A Focus on Guidelines and Algorithms - by Thomas A. Mellman, MD; Alexander L. Miller, MD; Ellen M. Weissman, MD; M. Lynn Crismon, PharmD; Susan M. Esscock, PhD and Stephen R. Marder, MD.

High-Dose Methadone Improves Treatment Outcomes - by Patrick Zickler.