Mentor Services

Mentorship is, by definition, a supportive relationship that develops over the course of time between an experienced person and one who is learning. At WestBridge, Mentors play an integral and enhanced role in the clinical care program by developing one-on-one partnerships that focus on the needs of each participant.

Mentors are utilized to augment our Assertive Community Treatment teams by providing support, role modeling, and fellowship. Mentoring is a way to nurture and support participants in a way that does not seem like therapy. At WestBridge, Mentors provide participants with support during evening hours, and for certainly daily living activities including:

  • Self-help Meetings
  • Grocery Shopping & Cooking
  • Entertainment (movies, dining out, bowling, etc.)
  • School & Homework
  • Medication Supervision
  • Hygiene
  • House Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Exercise
  • Employment Support
  • Symptom Monitoring

The goals of WestBridge’s Mentor Program are for mentors to assist participants in:

  • Achieving academic and vocational goals.
  • Maintaining a safe, clean home environment.
  • Develop community connections.
  • Involvement is self-help groups.
  • Developing healthy nutritional habits.
  • Navigating their environment and use public transportation.
  • Administering medication, as prescribed by the WestBridge Medical Team.
  • Involves the on call clinician immediately during any crisis and whenever a variance in the planned activities occurs.