Residential Treatment

Our Treatment Approach

WestBridge utilizes evidence-based practices to provide treatment to individuals and families that experience co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders. Our residential programs are safe, home-like environments that provide support and evaluation for adult men who are experiencing increased stress or whose lives have become chaotic as a result of their mental illness and substance abuse.

Our Residential Programs

WestBridge’s inpatient programs in Manchester, NH, and Brooksville, FL, provide stabilization, and enable participants to begin or to re-establish the healing process. The average length of stay in our residential programs is three to six months. This being said, there is no maximum length of stay at WestBridge. A core component of our philosophy is individualizing the care that we provide; we customize out treatment approach based on the stages of illness and, eventually, recovery that each individual experiences.

Our caring professionals are on-site 24 hours a day, to provide support, treatment intervention, encouragement, and monitoring. Each resident participates in individual, family, and group counseling, as well as wellness activities, medication services, psychiatric evaluation, and self-help. Each of our men’s residences also employs a full-time chef who prepares healthy and delicious meals. Enjoying a well-balanced diet, establishing a healthy sleep cycle, exercising, and living in a supportive substance-free environment enables each resident to reassess his current lifestyle and make decisions that will promote recovery.

Our Community Focus

As participants make progress, we support them in becoming increasingly involved in community activities, including work and school. We also design individualized transition plans with each participant, which include support from our Care Management team and gradual movement towards an independent lifestyle and residence. As participants transition into the community and regain increasing independence, our outpatient programs are fully equipped to customize flexible levels of care to support their ongoing needs throughout the recovery process.

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