Family Education and Support

What is Family Education & Support?

Family Education & Support (FES) is a core component of WestBridge’s treatment approach in which every individual and family (in both outpatient and residential treatment) is required to participate. The basis of FES is psychoeducation: participants and their families meet on a weekly basis with our clinical team (in person, via phone, or via video) for six to eight months of education regarding mental illness, medication, substance use, and principles of communication. The model is designed to empower families to utilize all members’ input in arriving at solutions to problems and developing plans to accomplish goals together.

Goals & Outcomes of FES at WestBridge

Through relationship building, education, collaboration, problem solving, and an atmosphere of hope and partnership, FES helps participants and their families to:

  • Learn about the mental illnesses that are impacting their family.
  • Master new techniques to manage mental illness and addiction.
  • Reduce tension and stress in the family.
  • Provide social support and encouragement.
  • Focus on the future (instead of the past).
  • Find ways for families and supporters to help WestBridge participants in their recovery.
  • Enable family members to relinquish the role of crisis responder and regain the role of family member.

FES fosters respect, trust, hope, and empowerment for all parties involved in the treatment process, so that true partnerships in recovery can be formed. At WestBridge, we typically observe that FES supports participants in experiencing fewer symptoms higher success with recovery, and that all family members are able to improve their relationships with one another.