Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Our Approach to Treating Dual Disorders

At WestBridge, we are committed to providing evidence-based treatment for mental illness and substance use disorders that is truly integrated, community-based, individualized, and family-centered. Our clinical teams create individualized achievement agendas that address each participant’s mental health and substance use disorders in a strength-based manner. We integrate our treatment model by providing mental health and addiction services in one setting, which supports families in achieving holistic recovery and wellness. We also engage and educate families throughout the course of treatment.

Residential Dual Diagnosis TreatmentOutpatient Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Our Programs & Facilities

WestBridge has residential programs for adult men in New Hampshire and Florida. We also offer community-based outpatient treatment programs for adult men and women in New Hampshire and Florida. WestBridge’s outpatient program also offers our OnCOURSE Program as support services specifically tailored to current and prospective college students.

Evidence-Based Practices

In both our residential and outpatient programs, we utilize treatment that has been proven to work and that has been specifically designed for individuals and families that experience co-occurring disorders.

WestBridge’s Continuum of Care

At WestBridge, we offer a fully integrated continuum of care for individuals and their families who experience co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders. Our services include residential treatment, community-based outpatient services, family education and support, and college support services to help individuals and their families achieve a healthy life of recovery.