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Reducing Stigmatization in Psychiatry and Integration of Conventional & Alternative Medicine: Guest Dr. Diego L. Coira, Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine, Hackensack University Medical Center

Some topics covered by our guest today will be: 1) Practices to reduce stigmatization in psychiatry; 2) Integration of conventional and alternative medicine, 3) Innovative program at Hackensack UMC Fitness & Wellness Powered by the Giants (integrating outpatient services); and …

Why WestBridge South is Tobacco Free

Recovery is a way of life that embraces emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health. At WestBridge, we believe that there are many opportunities for our treatment team to help individuals and families begin this process. WestBridge South our newest treatment …

Nicotine: How Important is it to Break Free?

There are many reasons why people start using products with tobacco in them. You may be someone who started smoking with your friends because it seemed like a cool thing to do, or you didn’t want to be the only …

WestBridge Meet & Greet WestBridge Meet & Greet

At WestBridge we work with individuals and families from all around the country, and in some cases, the world.  Once we have completed our screening process and determined that our services may be well-suited to meet your family’s needs, we have the ability to bring our admissions process to you, wherever you are.